Grinding services of flat surfaces

Grinding services of flat surfaces with a caliper

If you need sanding and you don't have professional wood sanding equipment, then we can help. We perform machine sanding of large surfaces with a flat surface sander - caliper, but we also have many other professional sanding equipment to help with your needs. Our sanding service is mainly based on wood sanding, but we also sand chipboard, MDF and other board materials. If you have a kitchen door, room or entrance door, and you need high-quality and quick sanding, so that you can continue your work, then we can help you.

Our clients who use our services are mostly carpenters, but we also provide sanding services to private individuals who have decided to refresh their pieces of furniture (tables, kitchens...) on their own. After grinding, we can provide you with painting and varnishing services.

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If you still decide to sand the wood yourself, you can be guided Sanding instructions