Cutting chipboard

Service for cutting chipboard, mdf, plywood...


Chipboard and plywood cutting service. High speed and precision of material cutting.

Cutting MDF, plywood, chipboard, veneered MDF and other wood-based materials. Optimization software for converting cutting parts into the most efficient and economical way of cutting. By precision cutting using pre-cutters, exceptional cut quality (no burr) is achieved, and precision with a tolerance of 0,2mm or better.

Effective planning can save you time, eliminate excessive waste and reduce costs. Send us your list of pieces to cut and we'll do all the work for you. Quality materials at affordable prices. Discounts apply to larger orders. Complete "cut-to-measure" service from warehouse stock.

Precision cutting: The company Savo Kusić has established a reputation for precision cutting for many years. The "cut to measure" service uses top-of-the-line equipment and software, resulting in fine tolerances and a very high quality finish.

More than just "cutting to size": We are one of the leading manufacturers of furniture made of MDF, plywood, chipboard, OSB boards and other wood-based materials. This means our customers get a one-stop service, quality materials, expert advice and great value.

Quick "cut to measure" offers: To get a quote, simply send us your cut list - we'll feed it into our computer-based optimization program and calculate the most efficient and effective way to process your order.

We can also edging your cut chipboard into edging of your choice. More information on the page Cantoning service