Wood/Aluminium windows

Production of Wood/Aluminium windows

Wood/Aluminium windows production

Wood-Aluminium windows production

The principle of manufacturing wood-aluminium windows is based on the production of high-quality profiles which are made of wood on the inside, and of aluminium on the outside, in that way securing high-performance sound and thermal insulation. The wood used is triple-layered, laminated and of radial texture. Laminating the wood eliminates the possibility of it deforming, and deformation plays an important role in wood manufacturing. The warmth of the wood on the inside ensures pleasure and comfort in a home, while the aluminium on the outside allows easy maintenance and permanent protection. There are a lot of colors from the standard RAL color chart to choose from for the wood as well as for the aluminium.

Wood-aluminium windows characteristics:

  1. Wood Moisture Content of 10-13% (dried in the PC-controlled dryer)
  2. Profile width 68mm / profile width with aluminium cladding 86mm
  3. 2-3 rubber seals
  4. 3 rubber seals
  5. Silicone glazing
  6. Waterproof wood glue
  7. Sayerlack® paints and varnishes
  8. MACO® window hardware
  9. Double-layer glass
  10. High resistance and durability

Optional: vacuum-insulated glass, argon-filled glass, low-E glass etc.

Advantages of wood-aluminium windows:

  • Excellent thermal and sound insulation
  • They create natural atmosphere and pleasant ambience in the room
  • Easy maintenance
  • Extremely long life expectancy
  • High stability
  • Wide selection of colors for both the wooden and the aluminium part of the window

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Wood/Alu Windows Prices

One wing

One wing wooden windows

Double wing

Double wing window

Three wing

Three wing window

Wood/Alu Balcony Door Prices

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One wing balcony doors

Double wing

Double wing balcony doors

Three wing

Three wing balcony doors
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