Wooden Windows

Production of wooden and wood-aluminium windows

Production of wooden windows

Production of wood-aluminum windows

Production of wooden windows - wooden and wood-aluminum


What you get

Wooden windows are decorative for your home, but at the same time have an impact on keeping the heat/cold in your house or apartment. It provides you with superior sealing and multilayer thermo glass that we chose from the very beginning of our production of windows type wood-wood and wood-aluminum. With high protection against external influences, we can guarantee the durability of our windows and excellent insulation.

How we produce windows

Maximum human influence is eliminated from the manufacturing process and the machining accuracy is taken to the tenth of a millimeter. It is important that the custom wooden windows production is processed without compromises, as far as the machining and precision are concerned, so it is important that the material used to make windows consists of a computer-dried wood, which is later glued in multiple layers and thus minimizes the possibility of bending. It is this technology that is used in our production of wooden windows and wood-aluminum windows. Of course, when it comes to standardization, we take care of it and keep track of all the world trends in the production of windows, therefore, in our country only the euro and the euro rebate nut profile of the window is present, which was confirmed at the global level.


Can we make it cheaper? The answer is definitely YES .... BUT ...

Always when choosing a window manufacturer, the inevitable question of the client is: "How much would it cost?" Within the company we conducted a smaller study in terms of the cost of the window (the price that only covers our costs of production) and came to the result that the we would be able to offer up to 35% cheaper windows... but ... This price would include cheaper ferrules instead of Austrian Maco hardware, which are synonymous with high-quality bonds. Then varnish and a smaller number of cover layers, instead of the three-layer and applying the varnish which is capable of stretching, i.e. that expands and contracts along with the wood (depending on the weather conditions). Also, if instead of the three-layer laminated wood we used single- or double-layer wood .... etc .

Due to company policy, this specification would be unacceptable for us. What we encourage each of our clients is (of course, if possible) to have a greater view on the subject characteristics, rather than on price alone. If we consider, for example, the ratio of the entire surface of the wall in the living room and the surface of the window box, we can see that the windows occupy a significant percentage in this respect and practically get a huge area that is not a wall, which should provide you with thermal, safety, noise and every other insulation such as provided by a wall.

So our answer is - Yes, we can produce such a window, but this is not a good window. Remaining true to our policy of "NO COMPROMISES", and the windows will be produced by the following:

1. Triple laminated timber - just so structured has minimal deviations in terms of bending

2. Maco® hardware - a synonym for quality ferrule

3. SAYERLACK - a lacquer that is capable of "working" together with the window

4. Multi-layer thermal glass - thermal, sound and UV insulation (Read which glass to choose)

5. Channelling incoming water - a form that has no unnecessary recesses where they would be holding water

6. Metal Handle

When ordered with us

What we are in favor of, certainly is the flexibility that enables us to, in addition to series production, we are able to process individual orders. Thus, our clients are individuals who furnish their house or apartment, but also legal entities, which equip buildings and business premises.

Practically from the very start our line of hardware is exported to foreign markets. For this purpose we have formed a special line of carpentry in cooperation with our partners, the EU market (SK Fenster) and the number of private houses and commercial buildings that are equipped with our products is constantly increasing.

Natural materials are increasingly prevalent in the development of the interior, therefore, wooden windows again increase their stake in the construction industry. Windows of wood and aluminum are the perfect combination of natural and good looks (inside and outside) and with this combination there is practically no need for windows maintenance.

Window prices below: Wooden window, Wood-aluminum windows, Balcony door, Sliding walls

How to choose the best glass?

You will get a specific answer and explanation, save a lot of money, but also break the prejudices that 95% of people have.


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