Sliding doors Wood Aluminum

Production of sliding doors Wood Aluminum

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Double window

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Sliding door combination Wood Aluminum

Production of wooden windows and balcony doors

The organization takes care of new trends and we constantly invest in new technologies and constantly improve our technological processes. Our organization covers all chains in the range of window production, from wood drying in computerized wood dryers, to final varnishing and installation.

We offer the following wooden systems:
- Tilt and turn windows and doors
- Detachable sliding systems
- Harmonica systems
- Lifting and sliding systems 

Features of wooden windows:
  1. Wood moisture between 10% and 13% dried in a computer dryer
  2. Three-layer glued elements
  3. Double/Triple glass

  4. Double breath of sadness
  5. Silicone around the glass
  6. Waterproof glue for wood
  7. Paints and varnishes- varnish that is able to "work" together with wood

  8. Maco and AGB window fittings
  9. Quality drippers

Optional: Low transit threshold, safety handles and locks, snoise barrier (antiphone), vacuum glass, pamplex safety glass, bulletproof and tempered glass, argon-filled glass, low-emission glass...

Read more about our window manufacturing philosophy on the page THE WINDOWS

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Wooden single-wing window


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Three-leaf wooden window

Prices of balcony doors


Wooden single-leaf balcony door


Wooden double-leaf balcony door


Three-leaf, three-leaf balcony door