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What do you get?

Wooden windows to the extent that they are a decoration for your home, and at the same time they have an impact on keeping warm/cold in your house or apartment. This provides you with superior sealing and multi-layered thermal glass, which we opted for from the very beginning of our production of wood-wood and wood-aluminum windows. With high protection against external influences, we can guarantee you the longevity of our windows and superior insulation.

How we produce windows

Human influence is maximally eliminated from the production process, and the accuracy of production is reduced to tenths of a millimeter by machine processing. How important it is to production of wooden windows made to measure takes place without compromise, as far as machining and precision are concerned, it is so important that the material from which the windows are made consists of computer-dried wood with a moisture content of 10% to 13%, which is later glued in several layers and thus minimizes the possibility of warping . This technology is used in our production of wooden and wood-aluminum windows. Of course, as far as standardization is concerned, we take care of it and follow all world trends in the production of windows, and we exclusively represent the Euro rebate and Euro nut window profile, which is confirmed at the world level.


Can we do it cheaper? The answer is certainly DA...ALI...

Always when choosing a window manufacturer, the inevitable question of the client is: "And how much would it cost". Within the company, we conducted a small research regarding the cost price of windows (a price that covers only our production costs) and came to the result that we could offer windows up to 35% cheaper... but... Such a price would include cheaper fittings instead Austrian Maco fittings, which are synonymous with quality fittings. Then varnish and a smaller number of protective layers, instead of a three-layer application and a varnish that is capable of stretching, i.e. to expand and contract together with the wood (depending on the current weather conditions). Also, if one-layer or two-layer wood were used instead of three-layer laminated wood...etc.

Given the company's policy, such a specification would be unacceptable to us. What we advise each of our clients is to (of course if possible) look more at the mentioned features than at the price itself. If we consider e.g. the ratio of the area of ​​the entire wall in the living room to the area of ​​the window openings, we will see that the windows occupy a significant percentage in this ratio and practically you get a huge area that is not a wall, which should provide you with thermal, security, noise and any other insulation as it provides Wall.

So our answer is - Yes, we can produce a window like this, but it is not dobar window. Staying true to his policy"NO COMPROMISES" and we will produce windows with the following characteristics:

1. Three-layer laminated wood - just structured like that has minimal deviations in terms of bending

2. Maco and AGB fittings - synonyms for quality fittings

3. Vsingle-layer thermal glass  - thermal, sound and UV insulation

4. Paints and varnishes- varnish that is able to "work" together with wood

5. Deventer - multi-component sealing rubber, without memory effects

6. Channelization of incoming water - architecture and a shape that does not have unnecessary recesses in which water would be retained

7. Metal handle

Who orders from us

What is in our favor is certainly the flexibility that gives us the possibility that, in addition to serial production, we can also process individual orders. So our clients are natural persons, who furnish their house or apartment, but also legal entities, for whom we furnish buildings and business premises.

Practically, since its launch, our carpentry line has been marketed abroad. For these needs, we created a special line of carpentry in cooperation with our partners, for the European Union market (SK Window) and we are constantly increasing the number of private houses and business buildings in which our products are installed.

Natural materials are more and more prevalent in interior design, and so on wooden windows are again increasing their share in the construction industry. Wood-aluminum windows are a perfect combination of natural and beautiful appearance (inside and out) and with this combination there is practically no need for window maintenance.

You can see the prices of standard dimensions by selecting the desired variant below or the prices of custom-made windows, click on: - CONTACT

How to choose the right glass?

We have compiled a text that will help you choose the best glass for you. You will get a concrete answer and explanation, save a lot of money, but also the prejudices that 95% of people have will be broken.

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