Wooden stairs

Production of custom staircases made of solid wood

Custom made stairs

Production of staircases made of solid wood - massive.

Furniture "Savo Kusić" produces interior wooden stairs and railings for stairs in accordance with the highest standards, ensuring the quality of materials, and paying special attention to the quality of the installation (assembly) of the stairs. In addition to standard coverings for concrete stairs, stairs for attics, stairs with self-supporting construction and other stairs are produced.
  • Production of a complete staircase: 
  • Stairs for attics
  • Self-supporting structures
  • Columns for stairs - dummies
  • Treadmills
  • Railings for stairs
  • Grab the handrails
  • The possibility of choosing all shades of colors and varnishes.
  • Wooden stairs
  • Custom made stairs

By technique drying of raw wood and the method of stair installation, Savo Kusić staircases conquer the market as a product that is a leader and sets standards in the field of high-quality staircases, with a very long service life.

You probably often have the opportunity to feel a crackling sound when walking on the tread or holding the handrails tree or gaps under the tread, which are the result of bad assembly or the use of inferior material in the assembly. Unfortunately, it happens that companies that produce stairs often take advantage of the inexperience of the customers, and they try to keep their cost prices as low as possible, in order to increase their own profits.

The effort that we constantly invest in making the staircase can be seen first hand in the beauty and fit in interior, but its true value will only be reflected in the years to come, as a product that is designed to last.

The wooden stairs of the carpentry workshop "Savo Kusić" Sombor are stairs for the future

This page contains only some of our staircase works, so we leave you to enjoy