Wooden cabinets!

Living room cabinet, dining and TV cabinets chipboard

Production of wooden cabinets for living rooms, dining room cabinets, TV cabinets ... Wooden cabinets are one of our most favorite pieces of wood, where we like to show our creativity and skill.

Considering we can custom-make a TV cabinet and adjust the style to fit the ambience of your home (living room, dining room or any other room) we manufacture modern flat-surface TV cabinets (the popular “flat” design) predominantly by using the material consisting of several glued layers of MDF and solid framework. We also manufacture solid wood TV cabinets where an emphasis is on the massiveness and richness of the wood.

Wooden cabinets can be produced by using many different types of materials which greatly affects the price.

Aside from the material, there are a lot of colors from the standard RAL color chart to choose from.

A few of our solid wood and engineered wood cabinets are shown in our gallery.

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