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Natural wood custom-made kitchens

You have decided to buy a new natural wood custom-made kitchen? If you have decided to entrust your living space and design to “Savo Kusic” woodwork and carpentry workshop then it’s safe to say that you have an impeccable sense of good quality and a refined taste.

We always insist primarily on using well-dried materials and that rule applies to the production of wooden kitchens as well. Before being embedded in the kitchen cabinet wood undergoes several quality controls in different steps of the manufacturing process. In the first place, dryness of the wood is taken into account i.e. the drying process itself because different kinds of wood are treated differently and the dynamics that each wood needs must not be jeopardized. In our company that dynamics is determined by the computers and chances of an error occurring are minimalized. Only the wood dried in this way can, upon careful visual inspection, continue its way to being embedded into natural wood kitchens and kitchen cabinets.

Considering that our kitchens are made of oak, maple, beech, walnut and cherry tree, the experience we have gained through many years of processing different types of wood keeps us on top when it comes to understanding technological processes used in natural wood kitchen manufacturing, and gives us the right to claim that the kitchen we make for you will successfully resist time and always meet the designed quality standards.

Some of our natural wood kitchen works are displayed on this page. Enjoy!

Development of conceptual design for the kitchen

Installation of the kitchen

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