Chipboard / MDF kitchen

Kitchens made of MDF and chipboard

Kitchens made of MDF and chipboard

MDF and plywood custom-made kitchens

Production of kitchens using MDF and panel materials - such as plywood requires precise planning and especially precise measuring in order for the kitchen and envisaged kitchen cabinets to be blended into the whole and in order not to create any disharmony in the interior. Every subsequent change resulting from sloppiness in work damages the harmony of your living space and undermines the envisaged integrity of the interior.

Therefore, as a part of the designing process when it comes to MDF and plywood kitchens (but also in the production of natural wood ones) we come to your home, take detailed measures of the interior as well as several pictures of the room on the spot, then try to adjust the design of the kitchen to the capacity of your living space, and your taste. Our goal is to make your custom-made kitchen look, as we like to say, “reduced”. But before all that, our goal is for it to be persistent in the years to come, and allow generations to draw quality invested in it.

Educated by extensive experience in this field, we know that people who buy new pieces of furniture are almost always scared that if they order an MDF or a plywood kitchen in bright and bold colors (e.g. red, blue, orange etc.) the quality of the final processing (grinding, painting, varnishing etc.) will be weaker, and that, subsequently, possible damages and irregularities will be more visible.

Because of that, in the final step of the production of MDF and plywood kitchens, developed in accordance with European standards, our employees with their professional equipment are obliged to undergo our internal control and remove any doubts.

In this section, our MDF and plywood kitchen works are displayed. Enjoy!