Solid wood kitchens

Production of custom-made kitchens from solid wood

Making kitchens from solid wood

Custom kitchens made of solid wood

They decided to build a new custom-made kitchen and make it out of solid wood. If you have decided to entrust your space and design to the carpentry workshop "Savo Kusić", then we can say that you have an unmistakable sense of good quality and exquisite taste.

We always insist primarily on the use of quality dried material, and so also in the case of making kitchens from wood. The wood undergoes quality control in several stages, before it is incorporated into the kitchen elements. The dryness of the wood is primarily taken into account, i.e. to the drying process itself, because different types of wood are treated in different ways and the dynamics that a particular wood needs must not be questioned. With us, the dynamics are determined by computers, and the chances of an error occurring are minimized. Only thus dried, the wood can continue on its way to installation in kitchens and kitchen elements made of solid wood, through a previous visual inspection.

Given that kitchens are produced from oak, ash, beech, maple, walnut and cherry, the knowledge we possess through many years of processing different types of wood, keep us at the top in terms of knowledge of technological processes in the field of massif kitchen production and give us the right to claim that your kitchen will successfully withstand time and always be within the limits of the designed quality.

On this page, there are only some of our solid wood (massive) kitchen works, so we leave it to you to enjoy.

Preparation of the conceptual project of the kitchen

Assembly of the kitchen