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Production of kitchens from plywood and chipboard

Production of kitchens from plywood (MDF) and chipboard

Custom-made kitchens made of MDF and chipboard

The construction of kitchens made of plywood (MDF panels) and panel materials - chipboard, requires careful planning, especially precise measurement, in order to kitchen and the planned kitchen elements were as well as possible integrated into the whole and there would be no disharmony in interior. Any subsequent modification, resulting from superficiality in work, spoils the harmony of your space and collapses the imagined whole. interior.

Therefore, in the process of designing kitchens made of plywood (mdf) and chipboard (but also in production of solid wood kitchens), we go out into the field and take detailed measurements of yours interior, as well as photos of the space from the scene and we try to design kitchen suits your space and taste. Our goal is that your kitchen tailor-made, as we like to say, it looks "reduced", but above all, in the years to come, it will be persistent and generations will draw from it the quality invested in it.

Taught by experience and rich practice in this industry, we know that people who buy new pieces of furniture, they almost always fear that if they order a kitchen made of plywood (mdf) or plywood and they are in bold and strong colors (e.g. red, blue, orange...) that the quality of the finish (sanding, painting, varnishing. ..) be weaker, and as a consequence, possible damage and irregularities, be more noticeable.

Therefore, in the part of production responsible for the finishing of kitchens made of plywood and plywood, developed according to European standards, our craftsmen with professional equipment have the task of passing our internal control and dispelling any doubts.

In this section, you can find our works of kitchens made of plywood and plywood, so we leave it to you to enjoy.