Custom kitchens

Making custom-made kitchens from solid wood, chipboard and MDF (MDF)
Custom-made kitchens made of solid wood-oak
beech, ash, walnut
Making custom-made kitchens from plywood
MDF, chipboard

Production of custom-made kitchens

Do you need a quality custom kitchen? Why take the risk?

With many years of experience and creativity in furniture production, we can turn your wishes into reality. If you have an idea of ​​what kind of kitchen you want, rest assured that we can turn it into a finished product. But if you don't have an idea, we can offer you one or more variants for free. We come to your address, take exact measurements of the space and offer you a conceptual solution solid wood kitchens, university or mediapan. The advantage of this type of construction is that you don't have a millimeter of unused space, and you also get maximum functionality and beauty of your kitchen.

Custom-made kitchens, which we produce, are made of the highest quality wood, without knots (CPC wood). Wood which we use for production, is dried in professional computerized condensation dryers, designed exclusively for that purpose.

Special attention is paid to the precise joining and gluing of kitchen elements, which guarantees a long service life of the elements, which also allows your kitchen to always look fresh.

Painting of the kitchen is done in professional paint shops, in the color of your choice. Painting is done by applying three layers of paint, and fine sanding is done in between.

Each of our kitchens goes through all these processes, and the result is a modern, functional kitchen, of high quality, long-lasting, and a place where your cooking will turn into a pleasure.