Universal machines

Universal machines

 As many stages of work can be done simultaneously on a combined machine, performing different technological operations. The machines can work combining the functions of a planer, drill, saw and milling machine or a band saw, planer, circular saw, milling machine and drill.

The DH-21 combined machine has the following technical characteristics:

  • Maximum planing width 285 mm
  • Drilling diameter 30 mm
  • Drilling depth 130 mm
  • Circular saw diameter 250 mm
  • Maximum milling width 80 mm
  • Milling depth up to 30 mm
  • Travel speed 9 and 14 m/min
  • The diameter of the rotary head with planer knives is 120 mm
  • Number of revolutions of the head with knives 2200 rpm
  • Electric motor power 6kW

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Figure 1: The UN Universal Machine

The KS-2 lightweight combined machine consists of an ordinary head with planing knives, with a planing width of 200 mm, a circular saw (circular) that can cut boards and billets up to 0 mm thick, and a band saw with the diameter of the wheels over which the blade passes band saws - 350 mm. The power of the electric motor of this lathe is 1,6 kW.

The UN machine received special attention (fig. 1). It has a support that can be rotated at all angles and an electric motor on the shaft of which any cutting tools (circular saw, various milling cutters, grinding plates, etc.) can be fixed and with them, cutting, planing, milling, drilling, cutting of feathers can be performed. and grooves, dovetails, etc., a total of 30 different operations (fig. 2).

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Figure 2: Types of UN machine processing

The UN machine has the following technical characteristics:

  • The maximum thickness of the material to be cut is 100 mm
  • The largest width of the board is 500 mm
  • The largest diameter of the circular saw is 400 mm
  • The rotation angle of the electric motor around the horizontal axis is 360o
  • 360 degree swivel angleo
  • The largest lift - stroke of the rotary console 450 mm
  • Support stroke 700 mm
  • Electric motor power 3,2 kW
  • The number of revolutions of the electric motor per minute is 3000
  • The weight of the lathe is 350 kg

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