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The company "Savo Kusić" was established in 1997. It stands out in custom made furniture production out of solid wood and engineered wood: chipboard, refined chipboard and MDF. Furniture may be padded on customer request. The assembly line of Savo Kusić furniture manufacture produces furniture for kitchens, living room, bedroom, children's rooms, hallways such as tables, desks, chairs, dining room, bathroom fittings, cabinets, doors, windows, beds, couch, AJNFORT gates (the gates that open into a roofed entrance passage into a house), fences, staircases, arched windows , moldings, cabinets, bookcases, cabinets, shelves, cabinets and custom design pieces.

The quality of furniture is at the highest level. The production follows all European standards and trends in production and trade of furniture. The basics of furniture production start in wood drying kilns with completely computerized condensation control. After drying the wood, its colour can be changed using water-based paint and finished products are varnished with nitrocellulose lacquer and polyurethane. Varnishing is done in a professional paint workshop designed for wood finishing.

The base product is custom made furniture from oak wood, beech (steamed and plain), maple, walnut, pine, white and black fir, spruce, mahogany, pear tree, etc. Apart from work in Serbia, the company has operated in Austria, France, Russia and Croatia. The company’s main activity is furnishing private houses and apartments, but they have experience in furnishing big hotels (as in Russia). Furthermore, they have worked as subcontractors in producing subassemblies.

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