Custom made furniture Savo Serbia

Allow yourself and your family to spend quality time in rooms that reflect your everyday life and relax in the safe hands of craftsmen firm Savo Kusić from Serbia

There is a possibility of customizing, selecting the color, type of wood, intensity of the varnish gloss etc.


We don’t compromise quality! We conduct an internal quality control in every step of the manufacturing process.


Our capacities can ensure the production of large quantities within a short timeframe.


Standards are met. We conform to all global wood processing standards.

Custom made kitchens natural wood,
chipboard, MDF

Interior stairs and wood railings. Self
supporting construction, attics

Production of wooden windows for your
house, with thermal glasses

Living room cabinet, dining and TV natural
wood cabinets chipboard, MDF

Production of wooden bed frames in all sizes for bedrooms,
kids rooms, and bunk beds and double beds

Construction of front and interior doors, with
or without glass, natural wood and MDF

Bedrooms, children's rooms racks, desired
custom made sliding wardrobes

External carpentry, windows, balcony and
patio doors construction carpentry

Tables made from natural wood and laminated
materials, for Living room, dining room, office

Custom made furniture pieces from
natural wood, chipboard MDF

Custom made furniture | Furniture Serbia

Is it difficult to find high-quality custom made furniture? Allow yourself and your family to spend quality time in rooms that reflect your everyday life and relax in the safe hands craftsmenSavo Kusić from Sombor.

With work and experience, the company instills confidence to our clients for over a decade, proving that we are the right choice for you! We are capable of bringing artistic touch to every piece of furniture while preserving space functionality

Woodwork and carpentry workshop “Savo Kusić” manufactures unique custom-made furniture as well as classical batch furniture. With its high quality and innovative design our furniture has been conquering the domestic and global markets for 20 years.

Among the woodwork manufactured in “Savo Kusić” production facility you can find:

  • Custom-made kitchens – natural wood (massive wood), medium-density fibreboard (MDF), plywood, chipboard (particle board)

  • Stairs – circular staircases, self-supporting staircases, staircase poles, fences, treads, handrails

  • Display cabinet – living room showcases, dining room showcases, TV showcases

  • Rooms – children’s rooms, bedrooms, wardrobes, beds

  • Tables

  • Windows

  • Carpentry

  • Doors

By opting for wood as a material for the interior surroundings of your home, unlike in the case of synthetic materials, you are opting for a life in a natural and healthy environment. The results of numerous studies conducted in universities all around the world support this idea by showing that the artificial products in our environment are exactly the cause of many modern day diseases.

In our company, attention is given to every single detail, process and method that influences the quality of the final product. Our serious and devoted work with the wood resulted in global recognition by some of the most demanding markets such as those of the European Union and Russia.

As everyone embeds quality in their work, people represent our finest resource that needs to be nurtured and developed gradually. With that in mind, our company motivates its employees to contribute to the quality of the products by giving their very best.

Our furniture is made of: oak, walnut, beech, pine, ash, fir, mahogany, pear, maple, spruce etc.

Who chooses us?

Creative people:

Not all of us are the same. We have different dreams and ideas, and thanks to the advanced technology today we are able to transform them into real, tangible things. Even though there are no limits to a creative mind, unfortunately there still are when it comes to technical abilities.

What we take pride in is the successful embodiment of individual ideas by the skilful use of the latest technology.

The ability to think outside the box and respect different points of view, perspectives and angles is what we are renowned for.
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